Tasting notes

This oil native of ripe olives, with soft body, of golden color, very graceful, without excessive aromatic summits. The sense of smell is very sensitive, but the palace reveals the exhaustiveness,the kindness and a complete satisfaction of the taste..


These olives are only harvested in the hand by the work of the women and the people in the regions of the sahel Mahdia, Kairouan, Sfax. The variety of olive Chemleli and the most important of the Tunisian soil, the harvest begins from the maturation of olives  in November the optimal moment for the harvest, that is the short moment when the aromas are in the highest.


Olives are directly transported in the Mill and stored in boxes in order to protect the integrity of the fruit. They are ground within 12 hours after their reception by a system of ecological production of first cold pressure without addition of water in order to protect the organoleptic qualities of the olive oil what as what it is so much considered.


Bèja, Boussalem, Thibar, Zaghouan

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Tasting notes

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